Who we are

We are a team of passionate individuals who care about bringing increased utility to the NFT ecosystem for all blockchains to help support creators and collectors!

What we do

We use on chain data to allow you to order custom NFT merchandise after verification you are the owner!

Why should I use Merchify instead of other custom merch options?

At Merchify, we focus on creating a fair system that stays true to blockchains strengths. We do this by only printing merch that the buyer owns, or that the owner has opted-in to allowing to be used for merch creation. We also make payments to other parties such as the brand!

Which blockchains do you support?

We currently support Cardano for NFT custom orders and payment. We are working on adding support for more blockchains in the future!

Which brands have you worked with?

We are proud to have worked with numerous premiere blockchain companies including MinSwap, AdaHandle, $HOSKY, CryptoPetz, Drunken Dragons, SundaeSwap and many more!

What products do you currently offer?

At this time we allow you to merchify your NFT with shirts (long and short sleeve), coasters, keychains, and drinkware (steel or ceramic mugs, tumblers and water bottles). We have many other products we are working on offering. Please let us know if there is a specific item you wish to put your NFT on!

I'm an NFT creator. How can we work together?

We are always happy to discuss custom, larger batch solutions or other possibile partnership opportunities with NFT creators! Please reach out!

I am part of a blockchain company. How do I get added to your brand listings?

We would love to hear from you to explore adding your brand to our offerings, please fill out this short form.

I represent an NFT Marketplace. How can we work together?

We are always happy to discuss possibile integration opportunities with NFT marketplaces! Please reach out!

I pasted in my wallet address. Why does it say 0 NFTs detected?

Please ensure you are pasting in your wallet address that does not change, or a used receiving address. Unused receiving addresses can not be detected because they are not yet on the blockchain.

Which wallets do you support on Cardano?

While we are always working to add more, we currently support Eternl, Flint, Lace, Nami, and Yoroi wallets.

When will you add my favorite brand?

If you don't see a brand you would like to buy merch from, let them know to reach out to us on twitter and discuss a potential brand partnership!

How do I order?

Simply go to the Merchify App, or click the button below!